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Corporate Events

Whatever the creative challenge, however great the logistical demands, however complex the arrangements; you can be assured that Sphinx Adonis will plan and deliver your prestigious event perfectly. Our professionalism, knowledge, experience and absolute commitment ensures your 100 % satisfaction.

Corporate events provide the perfect opportunity for a company to be truly invigorated, share its achievements with its clients and employees, and build morale and camaraderie amongst one and all. Events also enhance the business profile and prestige of the company. The best companies greatly value people, the ultimate resource in a company.

“Work hard, play harder” is the new success mantra followed in many dynamic companies. This requires imaginative attention to develop ways and means to enjoy the workplace. We at Sphinx Adonis believe we can help you do your corporate and people events in a very stimulating manner and make your company a good place to be at work and play.

The corporate events team at Sphinx Adonis is very experienced and can help you plan the event including :-

Creation of ambience desired at proposed venues

Design the event and all related activities

Recommend performing artists

Negotiate all commercials competitively

Secure all required local permissions

Supervise all pre-event/ post-event matters

Handle all exigencies and problems promptly

Be a single point of coordination with your company

We have successfully managed events from strength of 20 upto 20000 employees at a given venue

Product launch

A new product launch centers around the brand. In planning all activities for product launches, Sphinx Adonis takes care to see that the various factors and activities are compatible with the brand and its personality

New product launches are amongst the most significant events in many companies. Be it cars, bikes, refrigerators, TVs, perched foods chocolates, soft drinks, lifestyle products, or whatever new products require high drama unveiling, huge excitement in promotions, excellent communication on the top selling features or its market positioning and definite impact on target market; be it the company sales force, dealers distributors, target customers and so on.

Sphinx Adonis has very good expertise in planning and execution of dramatic product launches and promotions across a variety of industries. If you want excitements as well as dramatic impact for your new product let Sphinx Adonis work it out for you!! 

Our solutions include :- 

Venue : For easy access to the audience and local press alike and providing the required ambiance for the kind and numbers of the target audience


Product Unveiling : Dramatic product unveiling and arrangements like display crash through the glass', descend from the roof', lift up from the floor', becomes visible from the dark in stunning spot lights or lasers' etc. Every product category has its own unveiling treatment for great impact and drama to make it truly remarkable. Sphinx Adonis can propose the best way to reveal your new product in style.


Staging : Acute attention is given to create the right staging at the event premises for projecting the brand character, product information dissemination, product display for closer study or interaction, product trial etc. Imaginative creative props like stage and backdrops, large format- life like posters, mounted products, ambiance artifacts etc. can be designed and installed by us to add glamour to your event. All this is backed by the right choice of audio and video systems for the premises.


Communication : Highly effective, multimedia or animated presentations, exciting video clips, printed classy brochures and leaflets, exciting blow ups and posters etc. can all be provided by Sphinx Adonis through its closely related associates specializing in these items thus ensuring that your new product sales, message and corporate image are very effectively conveyed to the target audience. The impact created is guaranteed to excite and build a high morale amongst all.


Supporting Activities : We handle all other activities usually required for new product launches like press coverage, social or entertainment events, well craned invitations and mailing, hoarding publicity, gins and souvenirs, accommodation and venue negotiations etc. You can rely on us as a single agency to do all these. Should you require elaborate road shows, floats, field work for test riders/ product sampling at chosen city locations etc. we can handle all these without considerable field team resources. A systematic reporting from the field on such exposures can also be compiled and sent to you as per agreed formats.


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